• Medical Follow Up Management
  • ToDo is a perfect CRM for the medical industry. ToDo helps reorient healthcare focus on meeting patients’ requirements. Like other business organizations, healthcare firms too can utilize ToDo, CRM for the medical industry to focus on relationship management while offering more physical advantages. The best example of this is time. Seamless integration and updating of patient’s electronic health records can help avoid long check-ups at each visit that can save time. ToDo helps in improving the quality of care, reducing the costs, and also efficient utilization of patient information. So that ToDo will help healthcare providers to maintain their business in a competitive atmosphere.

    ToDo can become a centralized healthcare center data to manage different data streams. This includes communications, analytics, and also other passive patient communications. So that it helps healthcare institutes to create an actively committed consumer base involved in a partnership with healthcare professionals across the period. ToDo can help maintain the relations between patients, physicians, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, etc. Some common means of communication that are used are: Reminders for appointments with doctors, call management, reports, and analytics, etc. This helps with branding awareness to communicate the outstanding achievements of hospitals to patients and also data management.

    Here are some of the key areas where ToDo can benefit the healthcare industry.

    1. Improve billing process

    ToDo can improve your billing process amazingly. You can use ToDo, CRM for the medical industry to collect and update customer payment details. Using ToDo makes it easy to trace transactions and also bill patients. ToDo has analytics tools that implement real-time insights into payment processing. You can also use ToDo to observe outstanding bills and also send reminders to patients to make the payment on time.

    2. Patient outreach program

    ToDo allows you to communicate with your patients between their visits, as a result it encourages healthier results. You can send appointment reminders to your patients or keep them posted on general health and wellness problems.

    3. Automates and improves workflow

    When you have ToDo in your department, it automates your workflows. Your practitioners save a lot of time and resources, and they give their patients more secure services. ToDo also helps reduce patient desertions.

    4. Enhances patient experience

    If your department can’t keep existing patients pleased with its level of care and services, it is difficult to maintain them and attract new patients. ToDo helps improve communication between the patients and your staff. It gives appropriate medical information to your patients and decreases waiting times – all of which contribute to the accurate patient experience.

    5. Messaging to Team

    Administrators in the healthcare industry can assign tasks to the team members and also remind them about the task by messaging. This will help them to remember their works so that the performance of the medical industry increases.

    6. Referral-based patient Targeting

    Hospitals also need to prove themselves in B2P (Business to Physician) relationships to market to key physicians and maintain strong relationships with them. These can be carried by ToDo and marketing automation systems.

    With the healthcare industry getting very competitive, the role of ToDo is very important for them. Today’s patients have more choices than ever considering the choice of hospitals. This spreads to the choice of specialty care that varies between Oncologists to nutrition. ToDo is all about the use of technology to give value-added services to its patients and generating customer happiness and also improving customer loyalty. There is a need for pre-planning and administrative support to address the human aspects of implementation. For successful implementation, ToDo can be very helpful to distribute the valuable information and needless data.

    At Kingslabs Technologies, we provide customized CRM solutions. A good CRM software like ToDo could be the resource you need to succeed in the new decade. Contact us at, or call us on +91 8880477700.

  • Medical Product/Service Management
  • ToDo, CRM for the medical equipment company or medical supplies is a customizable answer for medical sales reps to improve commitment with healthcare experts and companies. It is a platform with sales automation functions, seamless integrations, and also mobile accessibility. ToDo, CRM for the medical industry facilitates improved productivity, better collaborations across teams, and also quickened sales performance.

    If you are a medical equipment company or medical supplies you really need ToDo CRM to manage your daily activities. ToDo for medical device manufacturers helps you build and maintain good relationships with a different customer base that includes pharmacy stores, hospitals and clinics. Thus ToDo allows and empowers you to optimally employ these relationships. So that it can create more product orders and higher clarity for your entire product line-up among your target customers. Some of the best leading medical equipment manufacturers use ToDo to organize their operations and also help the selling process.

    Some of the key features of ToDo for Medical equipment company or medical supplies are

    1. Enquiry and Order Management

    ToDo provides Enquiry management and Order Management that helps to manage enquiry and order with complete history. ToDo for the medical equipment company or medical supplies helps by allowing the user to manage enquiries and latest status for each possibility on-demand with separation across Doctor, Hospital, Clinic, and Lab.

    2. Increase your product priority

    If you are a provider or supplier of medical equipment, you require to guarantee that your medical products are available across the retail shops in all cities and towns. This guarantees you get more orders while building core trust and reputation. ToDo helps you regularly cover the different retail outlets in a single platform. It helps you collect, organize and segregate the different customer list in a single order management dashboard.

    3. Create and manage field plans

    Sales teams of an organization need to travel to their corresponding fields which are in different locations. These independent sales teams could manage the sales for big cities, small cities, smaller towns and even remote areas. In this case, a sales team needs ToDo CRM, so that sales executives can analyse and monitor their team performance. By having this GPS-enabled CRM, you can arrange meetings and track field operations very easily. This also allows you to efficiently assign meetings to the sales reps. Later, you can track the transit of these sales reps across the different locations.

    4. Time Management

    No time and effort is needed to be spent by the sales rep in preparing regular review papers. This resulting in an increasing ratio of selling time to non-selling time by using ToDo.

    5. Reports

    ToDo provides different types of reports which is helpful for an administrator of an organization to make their daily task flexible. User reports in ToDo helps to analyze the daily performance of the sales team in your organization or companies. There are many more reports like activity report, payment report, call log report etc which is more helpful for an organization.Generally speaking, all the reports provided by ToDo helps to analyze the daily performance of an organization.

    ToDo for medical device manufacturers and supplies would be impactful whether you are selling medical device supplies such as syringes, blades, tubes etc. ToDo CRM system helps you to keep high levels of service quality and also operational efficiency while managing large amounts of stocks.

    In conclusion,, ToDo for the medical equipment company or medical supplies makes an appreciable difference. We help you smartly control the field operations, handling orders, streamline delivery and also produce insightful reports based on the collected data. In short, ToDo allows you to better understand and meet the customer requirements on a systematic basis.

    At Kingslabs Technologies, we provide customized CRM solutions. A good CRM software like ToDo could be the resource you need to succeed in the new decade. Contact us at, or call us on +91 8880477700.

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