ToDo, CRM for IT and Software Industry helps to improve their business processes. Small or consumer-focused software sales may occur without not only person-to-person communication, but also business-to-business software sales are more likely to need support from sales staff. For sales personnel operating with enterprise-level clients, the sales cycle may stretch months or even a year. Those elongated timelines can make it hard to know exactly when to reach out to a candidate, or which message to deliver for the most impact. Further, a single mistake may interrupt or waste months of difficult work by the marketing and sales departments. ToDo can support business development in every industry, but it may have an even greater value for software companies. 

Here are the seven ways in which ToDo play a critical role in software companies:

1. Evaluate who generate the best leads

ToDo, CRM for IT & Software Industries can help identify the most valuable marketing channels by following leads from initial contact to close of the sale. Also for small software businesses, a long sales cycle can make it hard to recall a lead source. Apart from decreasing human error, an automated lead-origination process eliminates one more tiresome step required of the sales staff. ToDo’s data can help businesses deploy the right messages at the right time and also without added effort.

2. Get to a client demo

If a software trial is the highest value action for a lead, ToDo can help sales staff reach that goal more often. By examining the data, sales teams can methodically study the chain of communications that led to a product presentation. For managers, the ToDo’s data may help move existing staff to try new techniques or discard old habits.

3. Discover a structured process 

A client demonstration serves one key position in the software sales cycle. However, there are always more communications on either side of a software demo. ToDo can help pinpoint crucial communications that transition top-of-funnel leads into sales-qualified prospects. Similarly, ToDo can also help recognize the proper follow-up talking points and timelines after a product trial. That data can increase the percentage of post-demo sales. Connecting all data points throughout the process yields a complete picture of the sales cycle. This helps to find weak points and highlight key contacts from start to finish.

4. Make it easier to share leads within an organization

ToDo can house all lead information in a single, remotely accessible location. That means client information is updated and available in real-time to anyone working with a client. A centralized repository is important for clients, too. Easy-to-access client data streamlines their communications with internal teams and helps build trust in the connection.

5. Recognize the right time for an upsell

ToDo can help track the time-to-upsell. This information can then inform marketing and sales strategies for existing clients. In an optimal scenario, ToDo can help inform auspicious marketing efforts that bother the potential benefits of an improved version of the software just as a client may be feeling any pain point. Likewise, software businesses can use ToDo data to avoid bothering satisfied customers with upsell advances when it may be too early in the relationship.

6. Know when to check on a subscription service

ToDo can help identify the right time to reach out, highlight new features, or remind subscribers of a pending or lapsed renewal. A sales manager can also investigate patterns in ToDo that appear to affect retention rates—positively or negatively. That information can make customer service changes proactive rather than reactive. It can also help know which type of client may need special handling or supervision to support preservation efforts.

Industry specialists suggest that business-to-business sales look less and less like detached, conveyor-belt operations. A more modern, nuanced path requires deep client understanding on an individual and collective level. By employing ToDo, businesses can increase knowledge on both fronts.

An improvement in consumer knowledge allows for more intelligent marketing that brings in more changed leads and better manages those leads within the system. For managers working to develop their teams’ achievement, the structured data housed in ToDo guarantees actionable, powerful insights to roll out new sales strategies and also measure progress quantitatively.ToDo, CRM for the IT & Software Industry can serve as the foundation for a scalable process with more regular returns.

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