There are lots of CRM options for you to choose, but a dedicated CRM system that fits your industry and also meets your needs is necessary to solve your business challenges. KingsLabs understands this problem and offers a complete CRM solution for every sector. With ToDo, you can customize the software from an array of options and perform just about anything. Whether it’s contact management for consultants, improving customer satisfaction for hospitality industries, or managing properties and payments for real estate, ToDo adapts to your specific needs. ToDo provides a 360-degree view of your customer. ToDo, CRM for industries is highly scalable. You can begin small and expand as your business grows.


Automates almost all crucial processes like adding clients, enquiries, generating quotation and invoice etc.

Simplify patient enrollment and intake, by strengthening service delivery and also communication.

Expand your book of business and also achieve full Financial Service Practice management.

Leverage automation and analytics to optimize student services and recruitment, and also accelerate donor.

Keep agents organized and foster better customer relationships at any time and from anywhere.

Boost orders and sell-through with superior sales intelligence field agents can tap into on the fly.

Drive efficiency across your business while delivering intelligent services and support.

Enter and maintain customer and prospects information, manage the data about customers.

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