• Sales Force Automation

    Salesforce automation in ToDo improves sales productivity. Your sales team deals with time-consuming and important tasks such as scheduling sales appointments, tracking contacts, updating sale opportunities etc. Automate custom sales, marketing, and keeping functions, giving you more opportunity to concentrate on your clients. ToDo automates these worldly sales processes. It also enables your sales reps to focus on building and nourishing leads, closing deals, and also increasing your customer relationships. ToDo also empowers salespeople to generate estimates and speedily turn them into proposals, quotes, and then orders when a contract is signed. ToDo helps to design optimized workflows. It helps you to eliminate repetitions, decrease manual data entry, and advance up your overall process.


    lead management

    ToDo has been consistently ranked as the best lead management solution by both consumers and specialists. Your sales reps can turn more leads in less time and effort. With a complete set of lead management characteristics for businesses of all sizes and types. From lead generation to scoring, to conversion, ToDo CRM’s lead management software guarantees proper follow-up to move your leads through the sales pipeline.


    contact management

    Approximately 96% of purchasing decisions are based on the first conversations that sales reps have with their contacts. And they usually have just one opportunity to get it right. As a sales rep, prospecting with your contacts is about to become a complete lot easier with ToDo CRM’s contact management features. Control your contacts, keep track of your communications, communicate from within the convenience of your CRM, and also use every first-time client into a customer for life.


    deal management

    Excellent sales management is all about prioritizing, following, and controlling the deals in your pipeline. ToDo CRM’s deal management software gives you everything you need to maintain deals across regions and sales structures. Use ToDo CRM’s advanced filters to quickly locate deals that fit your standards so that you can take quick actions on them.


    account management

    When you have all your account-based data in one place, you can automatically perform your key account management functions properly. ToDo gives a variety of sales account management features for sales reps. This is to know their customers’ needs completely, discuss their pain points, perform account-specific projects, and also considerably increase their contact with clients.

  • Tracking

    For a growing business, communicating and tracking could be tiresome. ToDo comes with a real-time location tracking software. It empowers you with mobile location tracking of your sales team. Also, ToDo provides you with call tracking, performance tracking, product tracking, etc. to get more information about your company. 


    gps tracking

    GPS Tracking allows pinpoint the exact location and thus allows the manager to keep a track on the sales team on a real time basis. The Live Check In Route management options will provide with the exact routes in which the client premises exist and helps in optimization. Also helps to plan team travel on a day to day basis. There are also options to plot area maps and filter clients on maps to streamline visit plans and increase customer tagged tasks and activities.


    call tracking

    As a salesperson, you depend on calls to interact with candidates and customers. But when your calls and sales are separate, you can’t include the effectiveness of your calls and how they affect your sales—or even keep track of who you’ve called. By using ToDo, your team can make and attend calls directly from their sales software.Also measure every call’s decision against deals. You’ll also have call histories under each record, so you’ll never lose track of previous conversations.


    product tracking

    A product tracking system should help you store, manage, and access client data easily. Thus, you can view important details about customers and their deals, together with other key details like contact history, who closed the deal, or the existing status, etc. They have social integrations that let you pull more extensive social media data to learn customer behavior. And helps to know what they are saying about your products/services. Such insight can help you prepare for customer meetings, fight against your competitors, and also track all associated activities as they happen, thus letting you close deals faster.


    performance tracking

    Measuring and tracking the performance of sales teams is important for the overall well-being of any firm. A clear knowledge of your company’s current performance is mainly based on the performance of all salespersons in your company. And its future potential will help you happily meet changing industry aims and defend you against any unfavorable business conditions. So ToDo helps you to track all the performance of the sales team to make your business more flexible.

  • Sales Enablement

    You can’t rely on your sales team’s motive to win contracts. You have to enable them with the right sales media. Spend less time working to win each deal. ToDo brings you all the required sales enablement tools to perform the job in the most effective way possible. 


    payment and collectionThe module helps in determining an organization’s cash flows and profitability. Having a streamlined process is an ease for teams as well as management to track performance of collections and also to ensure customers are making payments on time. Real time client dues and balance payments can be ascertained at the click of a button and updating payments against invoices are all possible from the mobile app itself. Cheque clearance status management, Online payments transaction number recording etc showcase the attention to details we have gone while designing the module for customer convenience.


    user managementAdvance Profile & Field Settings, User Management with Organization Tree Structure + User Rights Mapping with roles & hierarchy helps organisations to plan better. User friendly admin self-manageable User/Region/Role based Admin Console helps to manage Product/Region/Status/Activity/User wise real time data at fingertips.


    product managementBetter ways to manage the product stock along with complete specification which helps you to enhance the productivity with minimal inventory cost and also maximal sales and profits. Manage your vendors and inventory, build price books, create quotes, sales orders, and invoices that automatically deduct from available stock. And for which you can request online payments from customers that are tracked against their outstanding invoices.


    target managementIt enables to monitor the peak performance of users which makes the team more productive. Yearly and monthly targets definition option for sales along with the report helps you to compare and improvise the performance. In Sales target management is setting of sales goals & targets. As most sales managers know, goal setting can take a considerable amount of time and setting effective sales goals is one of the most important sales motivation tools in their management.

  • Reporting

    You can only control what you can hold. With ToDo, manage the way your business is run with original reporting that cuts down key metrics relating to your sales trends, marketing campaigns, team performance, and more. ToDo provides Activity reports, Payment reports, Status reports, User performance reports, Travel log reports, etc.


    activity reports

    The activity reports in ToDo provides a complete look at the sales activities that a sales team has performed over a given period time, such as phone calls, emails, and on-site meetings. This gives sales administrators important insight into team performance and individual sales rep performance.


    payment reports

    ToDo helps to give a complete report of payment activities. The payment report in ToDo includes the details of payment like bill number, invoice number, amount paid, balance to be paid, etc and also  makes the sales administration to track all the payment information. ToDo also provides this payment reports to get more details of payments so that the company leads can be compared in various months. 


    client status reports

    Client status report includes all the details about clients. Details like client name, follow up date, amount paid, balance, assigned user, branch etc which helps the sales team to get a quick review about clients easily. Clients status report also help the team to understand about the current status of the client. If there is active clients we can make a follow up by going throuh client reports.


    todo reportsToDo allows a task to repeat periodically based upon its completion date rather than having to create it time and again. This online task management tool brings clarity in work allocation. Create task lists with just one click, add tasks, assign them to team members and stay away from the hassle of writing and acknowledging emails. Allows team members to work together, easily accomplish complex tasks and boosts team collaboration. All the details about this task assignment will be there at ToDo reports.

  • Team Collaboration

    ToDo is a collaborative CRM developed to help communicate with your customers as well as your team. Support your team stays connected with realtime sales updates. ToDo allows teams to add a valuable connection to their sales records, or connect your collaboration tools to share updates from one platform.  


    quote/ invoice maker

    A quote is a formal offer for products proposed at specific prices and related payment terms, which you send to an opportunity, account, or contact. Once your customer accepts a quote, you can create an invoice in ToDo to bill them for the upcoming sale.  ToDo helps to generate Quotations as well as Invoice to manage all your billing quickly and also easily. The Quotations and Invoice can be designed to the customer’s desire. 


    file upload

    The ToDo File Upload widget allows you to browse your computer for a file and upload it to the form. Files can be uploaded as attached notes to a particular record or as a SharePoint document.You can easily use File upload function to collect the document, images and more from customers and give a way to attach additional information to their response. The file type can be .gif, .jpg, .png, .doc etc.


    whatsapp user alert

    Connect with your customers globally in their favorite messaging app across any mobile OS, device, and carrier. Get daily app reminders and never miss a task. You can forward alerts to WhatsApp directly from the app. Manage tasks when you can’t access the tool and get reminders directly. With WhatsApp you can also reply to the comments on the tasks and stay on top of things. Your WhatsApp branded business identity serves as a familiar face users see when you message them. It help to increaseg their trust in you and also loyalty to your business.


    voice notes

    You can record your conclusions on a recent demo for a prospect or capture your thoughts about a meeting with a client with Voice Notes. You can associate these audio files with your records. The voice notes will be counted as part of the storage limit in ToDo. Now assign tasks as voice notes to all classes of employees and get real time status, voice comments make it easy to understand, verify and maintain history. Language is no more a barrier. Easy drop down options to speed up the process.

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