More and more education institutions are now using ToDo to attract, engage, and serve their students. Viewing students as customers and implementing ToDo can help an institute get an advantage in a highly competitive education marketplace. ToDo is an amazingly strong tool that, if correctly leveraged, can provide important insights about your customers. ToDo for education institutions allows you to generate more powerful and more intimate relationships not just with planned and current students but also with the alumni.

ToDo helps the educational institutions attract and keep correspondingly qualified and prospective students, better relations with corporate clients, improve the growth coefficients, and cut down the number of missed opportunities or candidates.

For your better knowledge, we have collected a list of some of the benefits of ToDo for Education Institutions that allow you to stay one step forward of your competitors. So, let’s get started and see why ToDo is the best institute management software. 

1. Control Admissions

ToDo lets you control the complete student admissions lifecycle from one single platform so you can easily keep a record of student details such as the course and program the student is admitted to, the complete details of the student’s batch & roll no, academic documents and other tasks that are needed in completing the admission process.

ToDo lets you streamline your admissions operations by recognizing and selecting the best candidates, retaining them more successfully, and growing students’ results. Being able to do all these activities seamlessly, ToDo turns out to be the best student management software.

2. Manage Student Inquiries

ToDo produces high-quality service by making follow-ups for every inquiry. It keeps a record of every communication with the student during the counseling process. Maintain the follow-up and improve the communication process between your academic institution and the student. All this can be done easily through ToDo for schools.  

3. Faculty and staff management program

ToDo helps the university or school staff achieve higher levels of performance, make more informed choices, and easily manage day-to-day projects. This function also allows reducing paper processes, simplifying the substitute teachers’ management with visual and easy-to-use schedules, and giving administration and faculties with mobile access to any kind of data they need anywhere and anytime. 

4. Student recruitment program

ToDo allows finding the right students, knowing what is essential to them, involving them in multiple channels of their choice, and removing all kinds of restrictions that may appear on their way of getting a higher education.

5. Reports

ToDo creates real-time reports related to students, teachers, and the staff and evaluates the performance of your organization. Being the best institute management software, it will give you actionable insights for seamless management of tasks and have a 360-degree view of your institute. 

Our company always bases its action on individual access to every client. ToDo for people working in the education industry can help them improve students’ and educators’ comfort. That is why it is always essential ToDo in order to work more productively and properly.

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