Introducing the Client History Tab

Introducing the Client History Tab

The Client History Tab in CRM Software allows you to view the client’s history details. All the details of the order that the client has already placed can be found in this client history tab.

“Collecting customer data helps you know each customer more individually and treat them that way,” says Jeff Tanner, professor of marketing at Baylor University and director of the School’s Business Collaboratory. And the information you learn from them can granted you to craft offers that increase purchase rates at higher level. 

To get more lead and business, learning about your customer is the crutial step to consider. Understanding customers is the key to giving them good service which in turn results in strong customer relationships. And new sales happen through the positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

Client History Tab

The fact about customer needs and wants is that actually customers are unaware of what they need. At the same time, they also focus on what they want because of emotional and or social reasons. Companies that give them what they want is better equipped. This is happening for the purpose to build profitable and sustainable relationships with customers.

A business can never place too much stress on its customers. The customer is the foundation of any business’ success. Considering customer importance at all stages of the marketing process helps your company to ensure greater customer satisfaction. Not only customer satisfaction, but also increase its long-term goal of repeat business.

Problems facing without History Tab

For example, you are asked to take over another salesperson’s client. So that you should frantically look for every piece of information about said client prior in order to calling them up for a follow-up. If your colleague did not do a good job of recording information, as a result you will left completely blank. You make the sales call, and your new client refers to some key information they said in a previous call. By hearing this you will be confused and as a result you have to ask them for a recap.

Solution: ToDo

To avoid the above problems, ToDo, CRM software has decided to introduce the client history tab. With this new feature, you can see every single interaction your company has made with the client all in one place. If there are any quotes or changes to any key client data, you can see that and see which colleague did it.

Our developers decided to create this feature after reading all our customer feedback. The people had spoken! They needed a platform that would allow them to see everything they needed to know about their clients. Of course we have provided just that.

At Kingslabs Technologies, we provide customized CRM solutions. A good CRM software like ToDo could be the resource you need to succeed in the new decade. Contact us at, or call us on +91 8880477700.

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